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Miami: A Melting Pot of Gold

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Miami: A Melting Pot of Gold

I was laying poolside on the rooftop of the Viceroy Hotel in Brickell – a 50th floor mecca that unites Downtown Miami’s residents and the city’s most high-end tourists. The sun was blaring, my sunglasses barely cutting it, when something reflected brightly in the corner of my eye.

Resting delicately on my pool mate’s wrist was a red and white striped bangle. I knew that design – the image had been previously burned in my memory during a recent online shopping spree that had resulted in many things striped.


Just over a year ago, I’d been roaming Laguna Beach, California when I spotted, what I now know was the Cross over Cuff bracelet. I’d loved it so much, I asked a perfect stranger the source of her treasure and was introduced to the Laguna Beach based boho-chic accessory line.

Over time, I’ve fallen in love with many of their pieces – the Infinity Knot Cuff, Laurel Hoops, Kingston Wrap Bracelet… the list is endless and I won’t bore you with my personal style catalogue.

Ultimately, the blissful nostalgia caused by this piece of jewelry instilled in me a sense of pride. Miami is truly the melting pot of culture, music, art and fashion. We take everything from everywhere and make a place for it in our homes, on our playlists, as part of our style and in our hearts. We do this with grace, pride and an open mind.

We do this only in miami. 

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Written by: Stefanie Abi-Rached

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