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Medicinal Cocktails at Drogerie

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Medicinal Cocktails at Drogerie

Who wouldn’t want to hangout at the most unique and vintage spot in South Beach? Drogerie, located in the lobby of The Albion Hotel on James Ave. (right off Lincoln Rd), is South Beach’s newest gem. This unique newcomer stands apart from the others as medicinal cocktail bar. These cocktails are specially made by a group of talented chemist alongside mixologist, Albert Trummer. The group has studied the art of mixing cocktails for decades and employs a scientific approach to infusions, instead of using the more typical and novice approach of simply soaking items in alcohol without any science.  

They thoughtfully pair their herbs and botanicals with organic fruit and premium spirits to ensure the quality is the highest possible. Drogerie aims to have everything mirror the European apothecary days, where each drink is dedicated to something specific. The “Strawberry Fennel” is dedicated to regeneration and rejuvenation. Under the “Health & Beauty” category, it comprises fresh California strawberries dressed in orange liqueur, vodka, fresh fennel and fennel oil essence. Albert Trummer, Drogerie’s owner, has done an incredible job in keeping his originality at its peak point and the drink recipes he’s contributed have seasoned drinkers coming back for more!

For an impressive throw back to the old school apothecary, Trummer performs the “Absinthe Ritual” at the bar. It’s a technique he learned from an absinthe expert in the South of France years ago. Expect herbs in a cognac base with vermouth and rum, several beakers, flames in a jigger, flames over thyme, flames on the beakers to burn off the alcohol and give a killer show and a final product poured into seriously stunning crystal coupes. It takes a few minutes to complete the performance, but you’ll be talking about it long after you finish the warm and soothing drink.

The Drogerie experience is one you definitely don’t want to miss and it’s waiting for you, so what are you waiting for? The bar is open from 2 PM – 5 AM, Monday through Saturday.

Written by: Bella Collado

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